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The Daily Hmmm…Friday’s Randomness and Smoothie excitement

I’m excited about this smoothie because it will numb my throat. That’s all. Normally, I would feel good about all the healthy junk in it and the wheatgrass miracle powder, but I just want the throat pain gone and this purple baby will do it for me.


smoothie3 smoothie4


Now to the rattling thoughts in my head this bright morning

~ I don’t feel bad for missing crossfit. I can’t do much right this second but cough up gross junk.

~I wonder if Chuck Norris gets tired of the superhuman jokes about him?

~ Why am I singing “Jimmy Cracked Corn and i don’t care?”

~ Tsunami….it makes me feel anxious.

~ Eyes glued to the news today.

~ Spring break in 8 hours

~ I’ve gained back all the weight (6lbs) this week. I’m blaming snot and steroid shots.

~ But…the skinny jeans still fit. Explain that one?

~ Stay safe Hawaii.

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Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down)

Saturday 12th of March 2011

Feel better! I was sick last week and drank as much cold things as I possibly could get my hands on. :D

Happy Weekend! :D