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Thanksgiving+Black Friday 2016

Thanksgiving Day is usually a road trip and Gumbo. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My sister usually has a big dinner with her husband’s family and then they drive to MS to Mom and Dad’s house. I usually do something with Stephen’s part of the family but this year, we celebrated early. So, Thursday morning, I lazed around, packed and got in a quick run.

2016-11-24 15.33.49-1

We made it to MS in record time, probably because of this.

2016-11-24 17.11.23-1

But, this was waiting for us. And it was worth the potential ticket that we did NOT get. Momma’s seafood and sausage gumbo on a cold night is the best.

2016-11-24 19.03.08-2

After we played around with the new puppy and the older and taller nephew—who has my hair and it looks fabulous, I must say—we turned in early. We were set to be at the stores by 5am. We’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been around. That’s a few years Winking smile.

Surprisingly, we did not encounter any craziness Friday morning. We started off at Bass Pro Shops. They always have Columbia and North Face tech gear drastically on sale. I also stock up on $10 fleece jackets. I use these in the classroom and “throw-away” race warm up jackets. We stood in the longest line we’ve ever seen at BPS. But, the line moved quickly! I scored exactly what I hoped to find and then it was off to the mall where we spent the rest of the day.

Breakfast was in the mall at Steak Escape. They can do a “low-carb” option which means they throw the meat, cheese, and veggies in a bowl. The fries are in a designated fryer and they were cooked when we ordered. It was only 6:30 but I devoured it.

2016-11-25 08.02.36

We had stops at Build-a-Bear for J (He’s 6..that perfect age for fun stuff). He picked 2 Ninja Turtles. I remember when his mother/my sister were CRAZY about TMNT. It’s crazy and cool how they both share that now. Then, we visited Santa and J asked for some toys and a brother Surprised smile.

I found a few things I needed and sneaked a few things for J and other nosy family members. Then, J and I noticed this. It’s a hat. But it’s a reindeer butt on top of the hat. It is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen and I am KICKING MYSELF for not getting it for the next Hat Day at school.

2016-11-25 07.33.06

After shopping, it was late-lunch time. Logan’s is our usual stop. It has been for several years. However, this is the LAST year we go to this particular location. My food was good. Service was not. Next year, we will make new arrangements.

2016-11-25 12.35.03

Throwback to when J had his first Black Friday shopping. We were in….Logan’s when this pic happened Smile


Although my RV has been decorated since Oct. 29, today marks the “official” beginning of the Christmas season. Holly Jolly!

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