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Thanksgiving prequel

Who’s ready for a  round of “what’s going on in your life?”??

2016-11-23 08.04.55

After a night of restful, non-coughing, blissful REM sleep waiting for the Lord to take me home otherwise, I was going to stab my lungs with my broken rib, I decided to check out the property. We’ve had over 100 loads of dirt brought in so far.

2016-11-23 08.41.56,

We need a lot more, it seems. Welcome to our dirt pile. One day, that will be a farmhouse with colors that we can’t agree upon but I will win because….tears. They are rare and powerful. That and he’s partially color blind and I see rainbows of colors in “white” paint. I think I should use my color talents for this project.

2016-11-23 08.44.16

After checking out my dwindling bank account, I started working on Christmas lists. So far, I have 1 thing for my mother. That’s it. I need to get wish lists from interested parties and start working on the budget. CHRISTMAS WILL BE HERE SOON!!!! I’m already dreading the day it’s over. The older I get, the earlier I want it all to start.

Next, I took a took selfie. Because we all know I’m talented in making myself look good in a cell phone pic.

2016-11-23 08.09.10-2

Right. Well, yeah. No words. It’s my week off from school and I’m not going to pretend to try.

2016-11-09 12.52.01

I know, Phaedra. I know.

To finish off this awesome day of productiveness, we got some rain. It’s only be 64 days. (no really. We are in a drought). It rained for approximately 12 seconds and washed off….nothing. Elvira is still covered in a layer of foundation dirt.

2016-11-23 22.21.51

Tomorrow is the big day!! Not the turkey and other Sides o’ Glory. Nope, this family does things a little different. The 2 “kids” drive in from AL and TN to Mom’s where she has a pot of gumbo waiting. We don’t have time for the usual spread. We have to get up at dawn to go stand in line for Black Friday shopping. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Then, we stuff ourselves silly on Saturday before Stephen and I haul arse back to Tuscaloosa for the IRON BOWL.

Life is good Thanksgiving week in my neck of the woods.

However…the struggle. It’s awful…

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