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Tea Time Tuesday

I’m pulling out a favorite. I’m trying to cut way back on the sugar and sweet tea so I found a little leftover spring blend from Teavana. This doesn’t require sugar because the fruit pieces are sweet enough!


 2013-01-24 21.33.40

My planner is looking seasonal and pumpkinish. I

2014-10-12 20.00.17

The leaves are changing!! At least this one is changing.


Hot cider needs this. I have hoarded this for a few years. Each year, I promise myself I’ll get another can from Williams Sonoma, but I think this is my first can from a few years ago. I keep it in the freezer.


While the tea is simmering and the house is smelling like pie, I threw in some sweet potatoes to bake. This might be my favorite winter starch.

sweet potatoes

Instant Pot
Boo, y’all.