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Take a little detour

After an outstanding game and restful sleep in the mountains, we took the scenic route home through North Carolina and down to Georgia through Atlanta. The colors are peaking in the northern sections of the Deep South.

leaves leaves2   leaves5  leaves6leaves4

And then we pulled into a roadside farm stand and I forgot all about the leaves. I had big decisions coming up (apples or cider or both? hoop cheese, relish, or salsa? Did I already have enough fruit butter or should I try NC’s version of pumpkin?) and the leaves could wait.

fruitstand10 fruitstand   fruitstand11  fruitstand13 fruitstand14 fruitstand16 fruitstand17  fruitstand2 fruitstand20  fruitstand3  fruitstand4 fruitstand5 fruitstand8 fruitstand7 fruitstand6

Peach Nehi. My grandfather used to drink these and he got a few for me over the years when we went fishing or just driving around town. It has been years since I had one of these. But I remember the taste of them. Cold, fizzy, and tart.


Other than the drink, I got some apples, tomatoes, peach cider, we each chose a veggie relish.

salsa veggies

We finally got home in time to throw some dinner together. I pulled out some frozen pablano lime rice and made that with some chicken sausage. We both wanted veggies, so kale with bacon and garlicky green beans filled the rest of the plate. After eating out all weekend, home cooked food, even clean convenience food tasted great.


Great weekend, busy week ahead. If only this nagging headache and sore throat would have stayed in TN.

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