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I know it could be a LOT hotter, but the humidity has that familiar wet stinky wool blanket feel. It’s hard to get a fresh breath of air when the all the air is like dog breath.

Welcome back, Monday. I’m not too pleased to see you.

I decided to run in the middle of the day because I’m a masochist, obviously. I ignored the fact that my skin refused to sweat and ran a few intervals of 8x400m with some recovery intervals. But then I realized I was being ridiculous. I took no shame in turning the AC on high on the drive home and enjoying a cool ice bath. Total miles: 3.2

Dinner was salmon and sweet potatoes. I cheated by using frozen cubed sweet potatoes from Whole Foods. I shall get a lot more bags of these, after I verify these aren’t from China. I keep forgetting to check that! Anyway, these were GREAT! No chopping or peeling, just quick cook in a pan and serve. The salmon has chipotle and smoked paprika. I should branch out and do other things with salmon.


Short and sweet post today. It’s still summer break and I’m not doing much but pinning stuff for my classroom that I have no intention of actually using. Happy Monday!

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