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Sunday snoozing W30:D21

After church, we decided to visit a new place..and this one is familiar with Stephen’s footsteps, but not mine. We were looking for rain gutters. And I was looking for the big rolly thing. I knew from experience that Home Depot had a great one and I need to try the big blue one to compare..

2014-03-30 12.44.37

We found what we needed. He is going to install them in the office for bookshelves. I wanted to use my new mode of transportation but he was mortified that I suggested such a thing.


Fine. I’ll use it myself.

2014-03-30 13.10.40

After this, we made a mad dash to do the grocery shopping. It was the usual. Me loading a cart with meat, produce, a few canned goods. Him, having an aneurism at the total after coupons. Me, reminding that I cook for 4—2 meals and 2 sets of leftovers for lunch and that I could always put the real food back and shop only from the subsidized aisles of death. Then his dinners would be freeze dried potatoes with powder, chicken fingers from chickens that do not have fingers. Then he remembers the years of mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and hot dogs and puts it all in perspective that we are getting older and good nutrition now means fewer weight-related medical bills later. A few minutes later, the Sunday shopping is over and we are one the way home do to stuff like cook and hang gutters.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon.

Lunch: A big pot of vegetable soup!

Dinner: Salmon. again. I cannot get enough of this. I’m craving fat lately. And that is far better than sugar cravings.


Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed Whole 30:Day 20
Happy Mon..Never Mind. Just Survive it.