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So where’s the running?

It’s here alive and well, I promise. Being sick has put running on the back burner, but I plan to get in my morning workout and run tomorrow. I’m not sure how fall racing will play out. I still have my eye on some trail races in October and November but for once, I’m just running to run.

I have 3 busy weekends coming up and I know a visit to the lake trail will be top priority at some point. One weekend in October, I’ll have some beach running lined up, too. Running on the beach is a whole new ballgame.

So to answer the question, YES I’m still running even with the extra morning cross training workouts. I really can’t run well without the intense weight sessions. My IT band will not track properly if my leg and hip are not strong. I’ll have to deal with ITBS for as long as I run, which I plan to run until I’m 89. at least 😉


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