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So, a little about ITBS

Quick timeline:

May 07-Trail half marathon. Acute case of groin strain. Took 6 weeks off of running.

July 07– Foot tumor-plantar fibrosis-benign tumor

August 07– 6 mile run, noticed painful pulling lateral side of left knee. I tried to run several times. I went to a sports doc, got an ITBS diagnosis and got started with extensive physical therapy.

December 07– Had to start over since very little progress. New measurements identified a possible leg length discrepancy. I have stage 3 scoliosis which makes my left hip tilt upwards, which pulls the IT band tighter over the knee. The doctor and pt both thought the scoliosis made my right leg “act” shorter. More measurements revelaed that maybe the leg is actually shorter which, over time, caused the scoliosis. A simple heel lift should bring some relief.

Jan 08– Heel lift is in place and I’m running close to 3 miles. I tried a trail run and got only 1.2 miles. I was devastated, decided to cancel the May half marathon race, and pray that I can run trails again.

Feb 08– Flu, no miles, still in pt.

My shoe of choice: Brooks Adrenaline GTS

The Flu is a lovely thing
Looking ahead and driving myself crazy