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Snow means potato soup.

I had snow Friday and wanted potato soup. I had to lighten it up a bit, though. The original recipe calls for a ton of butter, cream, and cheese. Now, Julia, Paula, and Ina may love love love “2 cups of butter”, but this girl adores her skinny pants and looks at them longingly every day. She can’t get back into them with the original recipe.

Speaking of, I had a great run today. Only 4 miles, but it felt good, even on the dreadmill.

Fasting sugar this morning: 122 Why why why?

Cut some potatoes and onions. Boil in chicken broth or plain water.IMG_0610


I love my rachael ray knife. I know it has an orange handle, but I pretend it’s blue. Slice some scallions (I call them green onions).



Make a white sauce with a little butter and skim milk. Add some cheese of your choice. Add to pot of potatoes. Add green onions and pepper.



I love this little bowl, but instead of looking like a delicate flower, it looks more like an eyeball. Sigh.




Snow day?? That means one thing….Shrimp!!
Kool-aid and the dishwasher. No way!


Tuesday 16th of February 2010

that soup looks thats hilarious


Tuesday 16th of February 2010

yum, must try this out sometime. and that's a very pretty bowl.