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It’s been a long day already.

State testing started today and although my kids do not take the tests, we have to be extgremely quiet and reserved and hold the bathroom breaks to near emergencies only.

I had a little guy get sick and never in all my 11 years of teaching have I had a problem cleaning up after a sick child. Today was different.

So, for lunch, I had an orange. It was really good because it was cold and full juice so it sat well on my queasy stomach.

Then for snack, I tried some carrots and cashew butter. It was divine! I love carrots with a nut butter. Almond is my favorite but the cashew is great, too.

Now, I have a pear and some grapes left to fuel a 6 mile run. Hmmmm…..maybe not enough.

Blue Monday
We interrupt for a cleaning story


Tuesday 23rd of March 2010

Sorry your student got sick...and made you feel sick. I cannot stand seeing people throw up.