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Sick Day

Some days, you just know it’s best to lay low. And nobody likes a teacher running fever from strep throat running wild all over the halls. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and hoped the shots and medicine would just knock it all out of the park. I went to school Wednesday and started running fever late afternoon. Today has been a big blur from about 6am to 4pm. I’ve dozed a lot, tried to drink a lot, and I do feel better, just really tired still. Oh who am I kidding? I feel like I’ve been chewed up and spit out by rabid zombies.

I wanted something substantial for breakfast since I was hungry. I know when I’m fighting off stuff like this that I get hungry and eat about twice a day. The rest of the time, I’m too nauseated to eat much of anything. Or too lazy.  I woke up hungry so I made something easy to eat that wouldn’t tear up my throat. The OJ was a bad idea. That pesky acid on a raw throat just sears it into oblivion. The eggs and grits reminded me of many childhood meals.



After breakfast, it was vitamin time. A bunch of stuff and medicine mixed in.  I expect miracles in 6 hours.


Miracle #1. I didn’t drown in my own drool.

sick copy

Miracle #2  I devoured Subway at 6pm. And it was goooood.


And one of these.


It’s late and I’ve yet to drown my sick germs in a bathtub. I’ve got a book to finish and bubbles to splash around. Too bad I can’t smell them. Or that pot I left in the oven and forgot it was in there when I cranked it up to 450 to make some chicken legs I later decided I didn’t want. Goodbye plastic knob.

Have some greens
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