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Running Recap: May 19-25

runningrecap May

I felt so good after the race, I increased miles this week! My legs felt great by Monday, and I saw no reason to goof off. As far as the weather, it is still cool and rainy. I LOVE having an actual spring!

This has been the best spring running season in a few years. I’m running much lighter and I think I have better running efficeincy on a Paleo diet. I depend on fruits and veggies for my carbs for running and I just feel lighter and not so creaky and sore. Gluten caused a lot of joint inflammation and soreness so that is another huge difference this year.

Monday: 5 miles-easy

Tuesday: 6 miles-tempo

Wednesday: 5 miles-easy

Thursday: 4 miles-speedwork

Saturday: 8 miles-LSD (long slow distance)

Sunday: 4 miles-recovery

Just a few more weeks!
Memorial Day, 2013