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Random Thoughts…Gym edition

~ I think I look so totally not awful when I’m slinging weights at crossfit. Then I  get a glimpse of the profile in the reflection off the door and I just want to cry.

~ When we are 8 rounds into a 10 round workout and all hope is gone and we are hanging on by a very thin thread, that is NOT the time to play “I’m sexy and I know it”. Because then I get twitchy and want to punch something. “I smacked you and I know it” is more appropriate.

~ No matter how many boxing movies or wrestling matches you’ve seen, using chalk does not make you a badass. You have to actually lift the bar to get that status. Same goes for loud grunting. Not impressive.

~ Want to know the way to look your absolute best at crossfit? Get tangled up in the pull up bands and have one leg up over your ear and the other flailing wildly while screaming like a 5 year old all the while hoping you don’t flash someone or toot loudly and praying against all odds that the camel is covered by the t-shirt.

~ Have a happy day!

Goals for Today:

1. Drink that gallon of water. I did pull ups again (because I’m stupid) so I absolutely must drink more water to keep that protein breakdown from building up in my blood.

2. TRACK. I did okay yesterday. I need to do better with making intentional food choices, not grabbing whatever.

3. Eat second breakfast.

4. Be happy with what I’m doing to be healthy instead of feeling bad about how I’m looking right now.

Random thoughts Tuesday…
Do you want a side of Hepatitis with that?


Wednesday 28th of March 2012

LOL - so funny re: sexy and I know it. you sounds so bad ass with your crossfit workouts!! good for you!!