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Quite possibly the best meal ever made by my meager hands

Holy wine dressing

It all started with a can of Lindsey’s Natural Green Olives.  I got these at Target, but my grocery store has them as well. They are fabulous. Regular green olives in the jar “salad olives” are so salty. These are so fresh tasting and they have some sea salt, but it’s not a brine.

I threw together some spring mix and green leaf lettuce with some carrots, cucumber, and olives. I grated fresh parm and used the ground pepper and sea salt. I had a bottled dressing picked out and set aside—but it got put back.


Then I made the rice in the pressure cooker. It’s some crazy

wild rice blend. Rosemary and s&p rounded that one out.

Then….the Salmon. I used some cajun spices and broiled it.



Then I made a mix of white wine, lemon juice, and fresh garlic. I poured some on the top of the salmon.

I used the rest as a dressing for my salad!!! This was unbelievably good.

It was very light and fresh with the greens, olives, and veggies. I’ve never used wine for salad dressing but I will again.



Almost done. Too pretty not to shoot.


Chipotle Quesadilla—first attempt
These boots ain’t made for walkin….