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Public Service Announcement—Don’t swipe…

Before you AGREE to the price.

photo 5

Yeah, no I don’t need a gazillion bell peppers and I’m pretty sure I only put one in the basket. I had not swiped my card through the reader, thank goodness. Most places require you to hit a button to okay the price, but not all of them do. Wal mart does NOT. Anyway, when she started telling me the price, I looked up and we both saw the price at the same time. Me and the guy behind me just about wet ourselves laughing so hard. She found a manager to fix the problem and I was on my merry way.

What would I even do with 4,688 peppers?

It’s been a short week, and dealing with seasonal sinus junk. Since that brings out the absolute grouchy in me, I’m going to crash and dream of things other than Vicks Vapor rub.

New gym!