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Project Food Blog # 2: Voting is open!


Voting opened today so now if you’re a featured publisher, you can vote!  You have to be signed into foodbuzz first. When you click the link, you’ll see my post and buttons across the top. One says “vote for this entry” and a heart.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Project Food Blog Challenge #2- The Classics
Eat all the junk food you want…..

Sarah (Running to Slow Things Down)

Tuesday 28th of September 2010

YAY! For the voting. Next time there's a project food blog, I hope to get in on the action. :D

I *highly* recommend Moosewood Cookbook (the one by Mollie has a brown cover with loose, raw veggies on the cover.) It's filled to the brim with delicious things. I honestly haven't made anything that I *didn't* like from that cookbook. :D