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I’m still in a new year cleaning mode. Every year, it’s the same. Spring cleaning the house starts in January and it might be done by March. Then again, watching a commercial for an episode of Hoarders had me scrambling to clear any clutter out of way and led to nothing left in the main areas and a junk room that is now a candidate for the show. Frankie gave me the hairy eyeball when I started picking up his toys, blanket and bed to add to the clutter pile.

But some things need to be cleaned and organized and I finally got those done.

Before: Post-holiday..mess                After: semi-organized into his, hers, ours.

pantry pantry

I love this shelf. I finally got it organized so I can use it more efficiently.

Baking randoms (seasonal stuff) up top, tea shelves, granola shelves, morning shake items for when it’s 4:30 am and I can’t coherently find what I need, and a shelves for flours.


I also finally tackled the closet. I got every stich of workout clothes and re-organized my baskets. After 5 years in the house and using these baskets, I finally labeled them so maybe they will stay organized.

At this point, I really wanted to throw them on the floor and take a nap. Flannel sheets and down comforter….nap inducing.

I decided to designate one basket for crossfit. We do a lot of hanging from bars, raising legs, hand stands, butt out in front of God and everybody. This girl wears knee length tights, no matter the weather. I’ve got a basket of running tempo shorts, running skirts, and long running tights. None of those will work for butt-revealing work. I put all my tights and long shirts (to cover said butt…it may be covered by tights, but I still want a second layer of forgiveness) in one basket. REVOLUTIONARY!! Guess how easy it is to grab clothes with one eye open on mornings when I forgot to lay out clothes the night before? A lot easier than trying to maneuver toothpaste and a toothbrush while putting on shoes.


clothes4 clothes2

It’s been a long day, but I got a few things crossed off that Hoarders Prevention List. The junk room…going down next weekend.

Lazy day
Are you ready for some college FOOTBALL?