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Poppy’s Pizza, Estes Park Colorado

When we finally got to Estes Park, I used my TripAdvisor app to find a good place to eat where we could get soup and salad. We were both craving something light after the fast food lunch earlier. Poppy’s was the perfect choice! Although the smells of fresh bread and pizza were tempting, we stuck to the salad and soup bar.

However….the next night we came back for pizza! What I loved about Poppy’s was the huge variety of options for the individual sized pizza. They had several great suggestions or “best sellers”, but the list of toppings and choice of sauces encouraged you to build your own. I went with a veggie–spinach, feta, artichoke and onion on the garlic marniara sauce. Stephen chose a meat loaded pie with red sauce. We ate half and saved the rest for breakfast. Also, you have to ask for a drink/beer menu. It’s a whole separate folded menu and they have a large variety of microbrews and wines.

Poppy’s was very crowded, although we didn’t have to wait either night. There was an outdoor seating area and a live band Friday night. It’s a local favorite eatery and tourist stop so plan for a great time with a lot of people watching!


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