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Pin It Party!

A HUGE thanks to Lindsay at Lean Green Bean for hosting this round up of posts for those of us addicted to Pinterest! In just a few clicks, I have found some really great food and fitness ideas. And now, I’m going to show a few of my own favorite posts or those that seem to be favorites for others. First of all, if you are not already following me, do it now! ——>Katrina Runs on Pinterest

Guide to Winter Running. It’s cold, even in Alabama, where we just survived a major ice storm. But running must happen, indoors or out. Smile 


CrossFit Deck of Death. Oh yeah. This is a ridiculous at-home workout and links to my other at-home workouts. Not for the faint of heart!


30 Whole 30 Recipes. If you’re new to Whole 30 or right in the middle and looking for new ideas, check these out.



Do you have a gluten intolerance? Check out these signs.


Burpees or Bust. Never heard of burpees? Never felt the exquisite…results? Time to get busy and embrace the soreness!


Need more inspiration? Check out this link for more people with awesome ideas. Happy pinning!

Better Brussels Sprouts
The South Can’t Handle Snow-Friday Favorites 15

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

Thursday 30th of January 2014

awesome! pinned the crossfit workout- it looks awesome! and the whole 30 recipes. thanks for participating!