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Pepper Place 2012

This year, I’m not waiting until JULY to go to my favorite market. Pepper Place is in Birmingham so I have to drive a little over an hour but I usually make a day of it and get my staples from Whole Foods as well. Today was a great day for the market. It was packed with people, kids, and a huge collection of fur babies, some bigger than I am. Everything was so fresh and pretty! By the time I got there around 10am, some stalls were almost sold out which makes me very happy. That means more people are buying local.

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How it got the name “Pepper Place”. The market is in the open parking lot of this reformed bottling plant. The building now holds an art gallery, cafe, garden gallery.




Here is what I picked out:

  • carrots
  • baby potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • spring lettuce/microgreens
  • cherry tomatoes
  • baby squash
  • fresh smoked sausage
  • bundle of dill
  • jar of jalepeno sweet onion salsa

I probably won’t get back before we go to Colorado. When we get back, peach and tomato season will be in full swing!

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