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Packing Cubes with Eagle Creek

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Let’s talk about the famed RACECATION! Traveling to a race, and using an extra day or two to explore the race city is something Stephen and I try to do a few times a year. We both love road trips and he doesn’t seem to mind playing race chauffeur and cheering section.

2016-11-03 06.55.07

This year, Eagle Creek sent us packing cubes to review during our trips to Rock ‘n’ Roll races. Let me be the first to say, these are AMAZING. I have never used packing cubes before receiving these. I will never go on another trip without them. I love having all my clothes and travel items organized for quick use.

2016-05-18 23.03.31

After I tried the 3 pieces from Eagle Creek and wondering how I made it this far in life without packing cubes, I jumped on Amazon and ordered many more cubes. I use these on long trips–4+weeks out west, short overnight trips, and for 4 day weekends like our recent trip to Savannah and Hilton Head. I use them for EVERY trip I take away from Tuscaloosa.

2016-05-18 07.03.29

This shoe locker is best for post-race sweaty or muddy shoes. I can throw this in my suitcase, bag or car and not worry about getting everything wet or muddy. I can also wash these cubes and I do, often.

2016-05-18 22.32.00

I use these smaller cubes for toiletries, race day items like hair ties, gels, gummies, chap stick, band aids, When I travel for races, I like to keep my race clothes in a different bag than “regular” clothes. (Let’s be honest….I wear workout clothes 90% of the time, but you know what I mean). I like to pack my race stuff and check off the packing list.. Yes, I’m that fearful of forgetting something. So I have race cubes and real clothes cubes. I don’t have to dig or waste a ton of zip-top bags that may or may not stay sealed.

With race season just ramping up and spring races on the horizon, I have a few more race vacations planned. I know packing will be a breeze with Eagle Creek!

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