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Olaf likes warm hugs.

And I love warm tents. Too bad this Taj Mahal is great with space, not so great at keeping out the cold.


But I was buried completely in the sleeping bag and I think we both stayed warm all night. When it was time to either get up or pee our bag, we decided to drive to town for breakfast and coffee. All our water was frozen and Stephen didn’t feel like wrestling with wet firewood. Breakfast was in this little dive called Hubs Café. It has been there forever but the coffee was hot and breakfast good.


After we got breakfast, we had to decide to either stick it out one more day or try to get to our condo in Park City a day earlier. We looked at all weather sources and they all differed greatly. We ignored the apps, looked at the sky, and decided to stick it out.





I’m glad we stayed. The morning drive was beautiful with all the snow and bright blue sky. This was the best weather day we’ve had in Utah and I took a ton of pictures while Stephen fished the quiet lakes. He has quite a few lakes to choose from since we were up top of Uinta range. It was warm to the 60’s and absolutely perfect for our last day of camping.

We got back to camp way before sundown and I made a big pot of soup. I turned in early because it looked cloudy and I didn’t want to get wet like I did the night before. I was already in the thermo-bag and thanks to Uncle Ambien, I slept like a log. I have no shame with drug-induced drooling if it means I don’t wake up a gazillion times worried the snow was going to leak into the tent. As you can tell, I still have horror flashbacks to last night..

Happy trails, this camper is DONE. Ready for a condo, chocolates on my pillow, (whether wrapped from room service or crumbs from my cookies), and a hot shower. We survived the June Snowpocalypse. Smile

June Snowpacolypse 2014
We have arrived in style