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Oh Jib Jab…how you make my heart smile.

Tonight has been quiet for me and Frankie. He’s been snoozing under the Christmas tree and I’ve been surfing, blog maintenance, and enjoying the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve had since last holiday season.

I finally broke out the Christmas decorations at school. This time of year is very bittersweet with my babies. I know some of them have never had a tree. Helping put up the lights was a big treat for some of them. We started putting together the tree and some lights but ran out of time before they had their recess time. While they were running the track and playing some games, I quickly put the lights on any available surface and turned the lights on the tree. I got everything cleaned up as best as possible and then turned off the main lights. When they came back, they were so excited. One little guy said “This is the best Christmas tree EVER!!!”. I think this will be his only Christmas tree.

I know we will have many moments like this over the next few weeks. Through ornament making, list writing, and present wrapping, there will be a lot of smiles and laughs. Just another in a long list of reasons why I love my job.

And now that I’ve come out the Christmas closet at school, just be prepared….our house has been in full Clark Griswold mode for two weeks. I’m going to let it fly all over my posts from here until..mid-January-ish.

Let me go ahead and get warmed up. This is year 3 for Elf Yourself from JibJab. This year, I went with just the creatures in this house. And it was seriously too much fun making these. I’m a boring old woman tonight.

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While this gem of Photoshop on crack was playing, I made a tall mug of hot chocolate. It takes a few minutes to put all this together but it is worth it. I’m not knocking the Swiss Miss, I’m just saying I felt like really blowing the skirts off the paper pouch. Ingredients below. Ignore the lights in the background if you’re easily offended.


1. Warm up 2.5 cups of milk.

2. Once it’s warm, add 1/4 cup of cocoa powder and stevia. Stir and combine.

3. Add 2 oz coffee shot. Why coffee? Because Ina Garten said so.

4. Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

5. Pour in a mug. Top with whipped cream. Sprinkle cinnamon.


Tis the season to wish for my wildest dreams. Iowa beat Oklahoma state. That means if Alabama wins tomorrow, we might have a shot at getting closer to that BCS National Championship. I would post a picture of my Alabama Christmas tree, but maybe I should ease into the festivities slowly. 😉

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