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November…race month

I woke up with the run on my mind. I wish I could have jumped up and gone for it then, but I went to church, then had lunch with family and we sat around chit chattin for a couple of hours. Finally…I was off!

I have a mental block with the first 2 miles. I was running slower and actually walking during the first 2-3. I kept having these doubts that I could go to 5, much less 8. Then at mile 4, I felt great. I mean..GREAT. I picked up the pace and just coasted to 7. The last mile is when I started feeling some twinges in my IT band so I walked the last half mile. I needed a long cool down anyway because my sugar was freaking out on me. Got wayyyy high then I knew it would drop like a stone.  But, I did it!! I got 8. That’s the longest one since spring! My Brooks welcomed the extra time on the trail.  I’m on track for the Thanksgiving half.

November is a fun month for me. I love thanksgiving and I always decorate for Christmas in november. The time changes, weather gets cooler, and all those winter foods. Yummy!

Breakfast was a ham and cheese toast sandwich on whole wheat. Very filling and full of protein. Lunch was a lentil soup with some kashi crackers that I smuggled in.  After the run, we had church group and we always have dinner. I had potato soup and half a chicken salad sandwich. She had the best bread and it was publix something-or-other. I need to find that bread.

I’m tired and it’s been a long day. But such a great day. I am so relieved I got those miles. H1N1 sucks and my lungs have been so cranky since I recovered from it.

Happy Boo Day!
The day before Tuesday and it’s been a good one.