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New ideas for food.

This isn’t exactly running related, but in a way it is. Eating takes on a whole new game with diabetes. Eating what I want and eating what I need is so very often not the same thing. And I get tired of the same foods. I pour over cookbooks each weekend looking for something diffrerent

My blood test results from the A1c test were terrible. I need to be below 5.9 and I was 6.7. The doctor gave me 6 months to get it under control or we would look at metformin and eventually insulin by injections. I’m so not ready for either.

Cool website–  The title is Kath Eats Real Food and that’s kinda my forte’. I’ve had to cut way back on fake food and it helped me drop the last 25-30lbs. Unfortunately, over the past year, some of it has creeped back on thanks to *gasp* real coke and some not so good for me potato soup and cornbread. Ugh…my favorites.

Anyway, this little site is great if anyone is looking for clean food. (Clean as in no or little processing. If it had a momma or grew from the ground)

RR-3 yay!!

Food–didn’t keep up with it.

Maybe all isn't lost after all
The news just gets better---but all is not terrible.