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Near to the Edge-St. George Island

2017-10-06 09.08.34-1

I think this sign says it all.

We have a hurricane coming, folks and we are not leaving (yet). We are still a day or so away from landfall and all bets are being counted. Until then, there’s a beach waiting.

But first, breakfast.

It is so nice having a real stove and oven. I made our usual breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. Easy, filling, and bacon-y.

2017-10-06 08.45.35

After a quick check on the morning’s weather (cloudy and windy), we decided to go into Apalachicola for a late lunch and then to Cape San Blas for the afternoon beachin’ adventures. Before we got off the island, I had to find a Christmas ornament. It’s what we do on vacation. The St. George Lighthouse is a huge tourist attraction so that’s where we found one.

lighthouse museum


The views on Cape San Blas are always beautiful. I know Pensacola gets a lot of tourists for their wide sugar beaches. I’m really glad they do because that means more seclusion at THIS wide sugar beach on CSB. We literally had the beach to ourselves. It was perfect!

I also saw some dolphins again. The last time I saw them, was 3 years ago at CSB. I still do not have my replacement Canon camera, so these  are all iThing pics. I have a new Rebel on the way, but until then, it’s iphone.

cape san blas 3

2017-10-06 14.40.17-1

cape san blas 4

If you need me, you’ll just have to wait a few days.

cape san blas 2

After soaking up more rays (and using sunscreen correctly, this time) we decided to head back to the island for a night in watching the Weather Channel. We are living it up, obviously.

But first, there is always room for ice cream. After leaving the Cape, there is a roadside tackle shop/junk food/ice cream truck. I got a double with salted caramel and dutch chocolate. Perfect after a hot day on the sand.

ice cream

Sunsets are so gorgeous in this part of Florida coast. This is on St. George Island just after you cross the bridge. If I didn’t know better, I would think this was on some tropical island.

Having never been to a tropical island, I’ll just be thankful for this moment in time.

sunset 2

And finally, gluten-free pizza and beer. This Cider boys was REALLY good. In fact, it might be my favorite after the Woodchuck Fall. I mentioned in earlier beach posts that I RARELY eat pizza unless I’m on vacation. I don’t know what it is about pizza and traveling but I just love a night in, getting some good sleep knowing the next day was going to be good. Pizza seems like the best thing ever on those vacation nights.

And don’t forget, I had Jim Cantore to hunt down. Knowing where he is headed, helps us make our decision to leave or stay MUCH easier. Tonight, he’s on the way to Mobile or Gulfport. We are STAYING!

pizza beer 2

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