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My thoughts on the Super Bowl

The food was amazing. I made a copycat of Chili’s southwestern egg rolls. I’ll do a full recipe post later, but let’s just say that I didn’t deep fry them and they were still so good.


I also “made” chili lime wings. Opening that bag from Tyson was TOUGH!!! And putting them on a pan was almost out of my league. But I managed 😉

Now, for the game itself.

I liked it. I’m not a fan of NFL. If I have to choose a team to follow, it would be the Saints. Beyond that, I was just hoping for a good game in between commercials. And boy, was it ever! Eli manning stole the show. He’s my favorite of the Manning boys since he followed his dad’s alma mater instead of selling out to the big fat dumb orange team in TN, but that’s another story. How’s that TN edumacation working for you now, Peyton. Huh? HUH???? Yeah I know I’m still mad that Peyton led the TN whatevers to 3 years of beating Alabama. I was living in TN at the time and it was not fun being a die hard bama fan. But anyway, I digress.

He kicked some tail. Seriously good football the last 2 minutes. And hey, his corvette is not too shabby.

The commercials were outstanding. Better than I remember.

My favorite:


Close favorites:

"Let him tire out first" bahahahaha!!

Football, food, and laughing through some commercials. Bittersweet, my friends. Way too many days before we get to watch the ol’ pigskin bounce around between highly expensive and often overrated hands.  (it’s no longer pigskin, is it?)

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