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Monday Mumbles: Random Thoughts

~ I want coffee and yet I don’t want coffee. I need some caffeine, but I don’t want the acid belly.

~ I need about 3 full days in my classroom just to get stuff DONE.

~ My house is no longer in the top contention for the show Hoarders. But it’s nowhere near ready for House Beautiful or even House Meh.

~ I WILL eat lunch at school today. Mark my words. It takes a while to get my class through the line, but by golly, I’m going to heat my lunch and actually SIT DOWN to eat it. It’s going to be a fantastic day if I can accomplish that.

~ When is the Criminal Minds premier? I’m needing some Derek and Garcia in my life.

~ I still feel like I’m chasing my own tail half the time.

~ Some changes to my approach to blogging. I have about 2 weeks of drafts to finish and then I’m switching to blogging about what I want when I want and posting immediately even if it’s not “finished”. No more of this feeling like I have to write for a specific audience or I have to write meaningful posts for an audience. Yes, I like informational posts. But I also like me. And I want to write stuff that is important to me even if its nothing more than what Frankie did this morning or what I ate for lunch. I need to do more food journaling, too.  And I miss photography. All kinds, not just food.  I think Fall approaching is making me more introspective. That could be dangerous!

Football is BACK!!
Fall creeping in


Friday 21st of September 2012

I just have to comment that I enjoy reading blogs where the blogger is themselves and posts about the day to day things also. Feels more personal to me and helps me with what I read blogs for, to gain ideas for healthier living!


Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

Thank you for commenting :) I appreciate the need for some bloggers to be positive and sun-shiny all the time. I just have to let the daily stuff out in my blog. My family reads it and I let the real me out, warts and all :)