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Monday Morning Musings

I’m up early because I’m way too excited about things going on lately. I had a great weekend overall and I have one more full week of teaching left before a CRAZY summer.

What’s on my mind this morning?

1. Running. I had half a race this weekend. Thanks to a severe gluten reaction, I didn’t have the best day Saturday but I was on my bluff in GA so I was still ecstatic to be there. This week, I start slowly building back up to start marathon training in a few weeks. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and I have a LOT to look forward to.

 2014-02-01 21.13.50

2. Sickness prevention. I REFUSE to be sick on vacation. I’m hoping all the colds and sinus infections are behind me for this season. I have an appointment with an allergist to see about injections again. But just being a teacher puts me at exposed risk of the common cold and guess what is taking out my class right now….colds and stomach virus. AGAIN.

3. SERIOUS weight training and back to Cross-Fit.

Maybe this goes right along with not being so sick anymore. I’m and so excited about getting back in the gym and working on some fat loss goals. My size and weight are the smallest they’ve been in years, but my body fat percentage is not that great. I want to work on that. This week, I have some tabata workouts and some quick HIIT running workouts planned to get these bones moving again.

Running late, got to grab some coffee and hit the road! Happy Monday!

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