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Monday is Mumbling again

~ I wish I had gotten up earlier so I could run. Instead, I value sleep and arriving to school safely, so here I am writing a bunch of meandering thoughts.

~ One last week of September means I have a week to get my Fall decorating done. I may just throw a pumpkin on the porch, drag out the pumpkin coffee mug and candle and call it done. As much as I love fall, I don’t love the idea of decorating top to bottom right now.

~ Bad bad day with food yesterday. I just need to order grilled chicken and steamed NO SAUCE veggies at the Chinese buffet from now on. This morning is off to a real fun start. 🙁

~ 5 days until I’m back at Bryant Denny Stadium!

~ I’m on a political and news watching moratorium until the first debate. The middle east is blowing up and I don’t really want to hear about Obama going on the View instead of talking to world leaders at a conference. Nor do I want to hear how Romney is going to make it all better when I know he can’t.  I’m done with both of them.

~ CrossFit in the afternoon instead of morning. Not my favorite class, but it’s a heavy weight day so I want to go.

~ Flu season already???

Game Day…and a win!