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Meetings and greetings

I had another half day planning meeting, this time for Kindergarten to plan stuff for next year. It’s a good thing we were close to bathrooms. Taking a class through a donut factory wasn’t a good idea. I didn’t sleep much last night since the gluten was tearing out my stomach lining all night. But that didn’t make me as angry as a simple paper jam in the copier. Nothing sets me off like a paper jam.

However, after we had another working lunch with adults, which is the biggest perk to planning meetings, the rest of the day was not bad at all. The end of the year is in sight and this teacher is cruising to the finish line. Tests are done and the kids only want to do things like create masterpieces out of construction paper and read with their friends and pretend to be eagles. And what 5 year old can turn down a chance to be an eagle while wearing Buzz Lightyear wrist units? Seriously fun times in the room lately Smile

Another lazy run after school but only a mile since the gluten contamination was really bad yesterday. This may be an epic contamination and I’m a little worried about this weekend. It doesn’t just go away overnight.

Dinner was THIS. And it was exactly what I wanted. All from the farmers’ market this weekend. Throw in a pan. Cook it. Eat it. 20 minutes and dinner was DONE!

2014-05-13 18.57.16

Let’s go on a field trip…..
Salad days and nights