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Meals~Workouts~Goals for March 11-18

Since I will be home most of this week, I hope to try a few new recipes. And, I’ll have time to cook some things that might take a little more time than I usually spend on dinner. I’m also adding in a couple of extra workouts. My small weight loss has stalled again. Unfortunately, my average glucose levels have increased. This week is all about TIGHT glucose control.


Monday: Grill steaks, baked potatoes, squash and zucchini, and sauted mushrooms with Vidalia onion.

Tuesday: Fresh fish (if it’s a good day at the river for Stephen!), mango berry salsa, roasted baby potatoes, and Greek slaw.

Wednesday: Chicken roll ups stuffed with spinach and tomatoes over noodles, green beans with caramelized onions.

Thursday: Roasted vegetables and skillet cornbread.

Friday: Pork medallions over beans & greens.

Saturday: Shepherd’s pie with cauliflower, braised carrots with olive mint sauce.

*Some of these recipes came from other sources. I will cite the sources on the individual blog posts and update this page as I make the recipes.


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Monday: CrossFit and 30 min yoga.

Tuesday: CrossFit, run-short intervals (6x400m)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: CrossFit, 15 mile hike at the lake, core work

Friday: CrossFit, run-long intervals (4x1000m), arms and shoulders

Saturday: Happy Birthday to me! Celebrate with a trail run and tons of walking and shopping.

Sunday: 10 mile tempo


1. Drink 12 cups (98 ounces) of water a day, especially on outside run days.

2. Track food each day.

3. Drink 3-5 cups of green and/or white tea a day.

Let the fun times begin!
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