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Meals-Workouts-Goals for March 26-31


Sunday: Vegetable soup, baked mac and cheese.

Monday: Black and pseudo-bleu salad

Tuesday: Crock pot Santa Fe’ Chicken

Wednesday: Skinny Salisbury steak, roasted baby potatoes, asparagus

Thursday: Sesame chicken stir fry

Friday: Stuffed Zucchini, sweet potato fries

Saturday: Peas, skillet cornbread, white beans & kale

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This week is back to normal schedule. I will not do any arm work using the pull-up motion, so I may have to REALLY modify the CrossFit workouts. I need to keep on schedule for the quickly approaching half marathon in Florida.

Monday: Run 2, easy.

Tuesday: CrossFit, run short intervals, push ups

Wednesday: CrossFit, run 3, back and legs

Thursday: CrossFit, long intervals, push ups/triceps

Friday: CrossFit


I HAVE to keep up the water. Humidity has hit hard and I can’t run outside if I’m not hydrated. I’ll keep that goal again this week. I have to say…knowing that it’s “written down” and keeping a gallon jug at school has really helped me stay accountable.

1. A gallon of water a day (including 3 cups of white/green tea and unsweet tea at lunch).

2. Track food and REVIEW each night. I’m doing better with tracking, but I’m not really looking at what is working, what is not.

3. Eat breakfast TWICE on crossfit days. I always have a protein shake at 5am. But I’ve neglected my second breakfast at 7:30 and I’m starving and looking at crayons in an unholy manner by 10am.

Every weekend should be this fun
Chicken Rollatini