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Meals-Workouts-Goals for March 19-25


Now that I’m back at school, I spent part of my Sunday making meals and lunches for this week. I usually do this after I’ve gone to the store, list in hand, and basically make the biggest mess in the kitchen. This week, I didn’t have a lot of leftovers so I didn’t bother with making a soup. I made 4 things: Taco meat, roasted vegetables, a mix of quinoa and lentils, and hummus.


Here is my menu for this week. Some of these are carry over from last week. I’m  sticking to lower GI foods (glycemic index) this week.

Sunday: Chicken broccoli alfredo. I used a couple of Laughing Cow wedges with 1/4 cup total of Newman’s Own alfredo.

Monday: Panko pork loin with beans and greens.

Tuesday: Salmon, sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables.

Wednesday: Taco salads with braised white beans

Thursday: Clean out the fridge vegetable soup. Save rest for the weekend and freeze some bowls for lunch next week.

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Monday: CrossFit, 2 miles short intervals

Tuesday: CrossFit, 4 miles short intervals, arms and shoulders workout part 2.

Wednesday: CrossFit, 2 miles short intervals

Thursday: CrossFit, 4 miles long intervals, arms and shoulders workout part 2

Friday: complete rest

Saturday: complete rest

Sunday: 10 miles tempo run


Last week, I had lofty goals of drastically increasing my water and tea drinking and that went very well. I’m usually very dehydrated and drinking a lot was hard to do. I didn’t get the full 12 cups a day, but I got much more than normal. I’m keeping that goal this week because I think this needs to be a daily habit of being aware of staying hydrated.

1. Drink 12 cups of water daily and 3 cups of green/white tea.

2. Track food and exercise.

3. Total of 100 “boy” push ups by Sunday night.

My arms are getting more cut, but my push ups suffer bad in crossfit class. I don’t have the equipment at home to hang bars or throw up medicine balls so I need to focus on push ups and various hand placement to target different muscles. Tank top season is here!

March is almost over. I want to finish strong!

One year older..and a green Irish holiday in Dallas.
Panko Pork with Greens


Tuesday 20th of March 2012

Do you have a recipe for braised white beans?