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Meal Plan Jan 28

This is the 3rd week of Whole 30 and I’m still going strong! This week will include some past soup recipes and a couple of new attempts at dishes without grains, legumes, or dairy.


Monday: Salmon, asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Sweet heat chili with sweet potatoes

Wednesday: Chicken broccoli stir fry, roasted Brussels with bacon

Thursday: Sausage and peppers with asparagus and summer squash

Friday: Burrito bowls/taco salads

Breakfasts: breakfast casserole, almond butter/banana/coffe

Lunches: Chicken soup, chili, stir fry. Fruit

Snacks: oranges, almonds/apples, spinach with chicken, sweet potatoes/almond butter

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Monday; Run 3

Tuesday: Run 3

Wednesday: CrossFit, run 2

Thursday: CrossFit, rest day for running

Friday: CrossFit, run 2

Saturday/Sunday: run 5


1. Still working on tracking calories and writing down everything. I slacked off on this last week

2. Water, water, water. I’m much more thirsty on whole 30 than I ever have been before. I can’t seem to keep up with my thirst. Sad smile

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