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Maybe all isn't lost after all

This mornin’s run was effortless. Slow, but no pain. It felt like it should. It was chilly outside and if I had light, I would have been out there in it. But watching news while on the TM wasn’t so bad after all. I’m still carrying some extra weight so it’s no surprise that my knees are tweaky, but not this morning. I wonder why?

RR- only 2

Fasting B.S-119 WOW!! yay!

Breakfast-protein strawberry drink. Not near as dusty tasting as I expected. I’ve got a cleaner protein powder with little artificial crap in it. Not bad at all.

Lunch-I honestly can’t remember.

Snack-string cheese, blueberries

At what point do I call it quits?
New ideas for food.