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Mascots Gone Wild and a Nokia Lumia Icon review



The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless

In my years of smartphone use, I have been a dedicated user of several platforms before I settled on the iThings due mostly to the app selection and family sharing. The one drawback is the camera. I have never been impressed with camera and video options. When I had the opportunity to try a new phone with a reputation for having flawless photography options and still with the superior Verizon service, I wanted to see the difference. And what a difference!

I decided to put away the other phone while trying the Nokia Lumia. I wanted to fully immerse myself in the use of it so I would learn it quickly and get a true feel of how it works with my life and my needs.

What I liked:

  • The Live Tiles were an easy transition since I use Windows 8.1 on my home and work laptops. I easily arranged my favorite and most-used tiles to quickly move between social media, mail, and photography.
  • The camera was outstanding. I took pictures at a race and captured finish line expressions, after-party dancing, and plenty of shenanigans without blur or grainy noise. For my still shots of food photography, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t use my dSLR the entire time I used the Nokia Lumia Icon. I used the phone at restaurants which is way more discreet than my lens camera.
  • Battery life-WOW! I had no idea a battery could last that long with as much use as it was getting. I only had the 1 charger and that is all I needed. I could go 2-3 DAYS without charging. With my other phones, I would have chargers stashed everywhere because the battery was so weak.
  • FAST multitasking. During the time I was using the phone, I was having wi-fi problems at home. I would turn off wifi and just use the cellular data through Verizon. Keep in mind, I live out in the middle of nowhere. Sticks and foxes and snakes are more plentiful than human population. But with the cellular service and this Nokia Lumia, blogging, streaming music, fitness apps, photography editing, etc were streamlined and seamless. In fact, I used the Nokia more than my camera AND my home laptop. It is a true workhorse with a huge screen and lasting battery.

What I wish I could change:

Only 1 thing would make this my one-and-only phone: Apps. I have several fitness apps that require the app to use the gadget and I truly missed having that option. The Windows app selection is not as varied as the other operating systems.

I am now using both phones. I keep my Nokia close by for the camera and video and fast multitasking. I just couldn’t put it away. Once I saw the difference in my pictures, I was stunned.

Nokia Lumia Icon

 Photo Apr 21, 6 06 56 PM

For more detailed information, see the Verizon website.


  • Record full HD video with stellar visual and audio quality.
  • One-finger zoom without losing resolution
  • Four high–performance digital mics allow for superb audio recording, ensuring that you capture the true sound of the moment while reducing background noise.


  • Use the 20–megapixel PureView camera with Zeiss optics to take amazing high–resolution pictures.
  • Zoom in on a photo after you take it, then rotate, reframe, crop and share the new image without losing image quality.
  • Shoot with a camera that uses optical image stabilization, which easily captures blur–free, true–to–life photos and smooth and steady video.

See your media clearly, even when outside

  •  5–inch full HD screen, even in direct sunlight.
  • viewing angle of almost 180 degrees
  • Less glare and reflection

Designed for fast performance

  • Compact design features a metal body.
  • Quad–core processor (Verizon’s first Windows® Phone with quad-core technology) so you can move multitask easily.
  • Conveniently power up with a 2420 mAh battery that supports wireless charging (charging pad sold separately).
  • With Windows Phone 8, you can customize your Start screen with Live Tiles and apps that are important to you, such as friends’ social feeds. Plus, edit and save documents in Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, Excel® and OneNote® without losing formatting.

Sample pictures:

dinnereggssteakdancefinish line

Fuzzy leaf flower. That’s some serious detail.


And now, the video.

Mascots Gone Wild

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