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Market Day in Tuscaloosa!

One of the things I love most about Tuscaloosa is the farmer’s market on the river. After supporting our local farms with our dollars, I can sit by the river and watch the paddleboats, barges, and UA row team. This is a smaller market, and I try to get to this one twice a month or so when I don’t make the trek to Birmingham for Pepper Place. It was built in spring 2012 and is a big part of the rebuilding projects after our storms. It’s by coincidence that plans were already in place to build this along the RiverWalk area of town before the storms hit. But when it opened, it was with much excitement to see something new going up when so much had been turned to rubble.







Since we are leaving for Colorado next week and will be gone the month of June, I got just a few things to finish up some recipes and hold us over while I empty out the the freezer. I got the potatoes for a Memorial Day shrimp boil. The strawberries just looked so good, I’ll use them in smoothies. The kale is self-explanatory. I love it and eat it all the time. And now that school is over, I will be making plenty of frittatas with the fresh eggs. Now that I know how good fresh eggs are, I plan to visit the River Market all year long for eggs and to visit the Sausage Man.


After I got home and got everything put away, THIS happened.


Potatoes, bacon, veggies (onions, peppers, mushroom, shredded zucchini), and eggs on top. We eat these pretty often.

I love this time of year! Everything is growing and the variety at the markets grows each weekend. Then again, come October, I’ll be praising the fall season as well. I just love food–fresh food, and seasonal food. Smile

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