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long run 5 miles

RR: 5 miles at 1:05:34

Pre-run sugar-154

Post-run SL- 87 (way too low)

Shoe: Brooks Glycerine

I think I figured out the shoe problem. Stability shoes were too supportive in the wrong spots. Cushion shoes were too squishy. So….today, I tried cushy shoes with those old custom orthotics. Bingo.

The first mile had that nagging spot under my left kneecap tingling. My right leg was fine except for some hamstring tightness and it never got worse.

One mile into the run, the knee niggling went away. By mile 5, the legs were tired and both were kinda achy but no pain.

I’ve been working hard with P90x lately. I really enjoy the west aspects. I’ve yet to do yoga but maybe tomorrow since it’s a rest day. No spin or run. I also like the plyometrics and kenpo workouts. I usually get at least 4 workouts of that in a week along with 1 bodypump and 2-3 spin or bodyAttack classes. I’m finally seeing some back definition again and I think I saw a glimpse of a bicep last week when I was umm…flexing. I need to work on those diamond push-ups, though.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

well, here we go again
At what point do I call it quits?