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Let’s Catch Up

No, I haven’t been hiding under a rock or off looking for the Way Back Machine to bring my iPhone back to its former glory.

I’ve been working. Or maybe I should say, trying to work. The school year is off to a very rough start and I’m just now finding my way to the top of the heap of ridiculousness that is cluttering up my life lately.

So what’s been going on? Not much. A few notables…

1. IOS 7 has made my life very irritating.

Maybe I should say it has made me realize how much I depend on my phone? I have an old iPhone 4 and when I, in a moment of crazed indifference, clicked “update”, ios 7 left my phone a smoking mass of confusion. It is slower than the creeping kudzu on the side of a country road in a spring rain. (For the Northern people, that’s pretty slow). Also, my phone is now a lot like me. If I’m so overwhelmed with things I need to do and I can’t decide WHAT to do, I just take a nap. Just like my phone.

2. I’m going to the beach!

Tomorrow. Me. Beach.Toes in cold sand. Half marathon on Sunday. I hope my phone can handle the excitement.

3. Football

It is still going on. I’m still watching closely. I’m still living for Saturday and SEC and ALABAMA!!!

4. Food

I managed to make a few meals the last few weeks! I just have to find the pictures and remember the recipes.

5. Bike hitch/trailer

We finally got my 4runner ready to haul my bike around so I can ride it on the roads instead of the .8mile loop around my house. I’m insanely excited about this.

6. Fall

It is starting to arrive in Alabama. And yes, it makes me giddy. And I refuse to apologize for it.

Funny Seasonal Ecard: It's the Fall season again, and you know what that means... PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING!


Fall Market Time
“No White at Night”


Friday 18th of October 2013

I think there was an article on Lifehacker that talks about how to change some unnecessary settings in iOS7 that helps with battery life and speeding it up.


Saturday 19th of October 2013

Aw thanks! I'm going to check it out now. I'm ready to throw my phone through the window of a fast moving train.