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Let the fun times begin!

It’s spring break. We aren’t going anywhere and that is fine by me. Honestly, I need the rest. We had a vicious outbreak of stomach virus and flu right before we closed for the break. The last day, I had 7 kids show up.  Other than regular workouts, I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. I need a complete break from all things school related and this is the last chance before the semester ends. I have some goal races coming up, state testing (yikes!), and a couple of traveling weekends to look forward to. After this week, the time will FLY by and I’ve got serious fitness goals to work on.

I went back to Subway for another salad with banana peppers. I may have found a new addition to my pickle collection. I think we have 1 garlic pickle left from Colorado last year. Anyway, I’m glad I got this from the Subway close to my house. It has a LOT of vegetables. But I like my salad all mixed up with a little cheese on it.

. subway


After lunch, I just laid low and got in a nap with Frankie. Then had a little fun with a random dinosaur…


I’m making a few changes to the blog and finish up some pages I’ve been working on. Hopefully I will get those finished this week. I have way too many unused plug ins and stuff I don’t use anymore and posts I haven’t finished.

A-Z….the stuff you probably already know..
Meals~Workouts~Goals for March 11-18