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Lazy Nights after crazy days~Breckenridge

After a very big day of climbing Mt. Quandary, we decided to enjoy more town exploring. It was a good night for it because we saw all sorts of interesting things.

Ever seen a dog wearing human pants?


Or a fox running down Main Street? This is a wild red fox.


And old wagon.


Pot. Perfectly legal in Colorado now.


A Gulf Coast shrimp company in the middle of Colorado.


And these two “normal” scenes but I liked them so I’m posting them. A side street of vendors and the best coffee/bakery in Breckenridge: Clint’s.



We ate dinner at a local Irish pub. Stephen wanted fish and chips and I just wanted a ton of whatever I could find gluten-free.

I found a chicken cordon bleu that I ordered without bread and asked for plenty of fries.

cordon bleu

One more day in Breckenridge and then we head to Aspen for camping!

Mt. Quandary and the almost 14er.
Bye Breckenridge, Hello Aspen