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Just Planking-Various Plank Holds

Plank variations


So it’s been 2 weeks since I listed my plank challenge. How are things going?

Let’s just say..slow.

As in..I’m just now starting.

I have no excuses except life got in the way and planking was not written down in my planner/on my schedule so it got swept away to the land of Good Intentions that Time Forgot. Better late than never, here I am with some serious planking business to attend to.

What are some variations to the basic plank?

1. Side Plank.

This one looks terrifying. Not going to lie or try to sound brave. It looks like I could fall on my face and break a nose or something.


2. Physioball Plank

3.  Two-Point Plank


These are 3 variations to the basic plank. All 3 are more difficult and therefore, more horrifying than the original plank torture hold. However, I will keep and open mind that I not only CAN do these without hospital intervention, but I will increase my plank hold time.

Happy Planking!

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