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Journey to Hallowed Ground



I love this place. To me, it’s like my candy store without the candy..well….sort of. Anyway, I treated myself to a trip to Birmingham so I could indulge in some pre-Christmas shopping. I drooled. I really did. It really is a place full of overpriced crap, but I love this overpriced crap. Check out my damage.


Christmas towels!! These are NOT on the website. They were waiting in a basket right at the front door. I snagged them before anybody else stumbled on them.



Mulling Spices. In all fairness, these are GOOD FOR ME!!. I can add these to unsweetened apple or cranberry juice and have the best tasting cider.



Yes, those are the best ever Peppermint Snaps. They are bite sized thin wafers of peppermint with a thin layer of dark chocolate in the middle.



That reminds me….



Okay so maybe this IS my candy store….literally.

And last but not least….aprons!! I love aprons.

apron               apron2  


So that’s the fun I had this afternoon.

Pecan (Pu-cahn…not Pee-Can) pie.
Christmas Eve—Christmas Pizza