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Jamie Oliver takes on Mickey Ds..and wins.

Old MacDonald had a farm. S-L-I-M-E. And on this farm he had some cows. With a moo moo here, and some ammonia there. Here a moo, there a moo, every where some pink slime, Old MacDonald had a farm. And now he has to stop.

So, well, I never claimed to be a great music person. Due to Jamie Oliver showing the world the fantastical world of pink slime and how yummy it can be fried on a bun or mixed in your kids’ meatloaf at school, McDonald’s has now claimed they are stopping the practice. I’m just amazed they admitted they ever used the nourishing process that guarantees the customer a truly enlightening culinary experience… eroded stomach lining.

I knew something was going on a few weeks ago when I saw a commercial that looked so peaceful and serene. It shows a beef supplier for Mc.Donalds with his family, his details of their cattle, the quality of their feed, etc.

I wondered then if someone in Mickey D’s PR firm finally decided to jump on the local and humane foods bandwagon and start shedding some better light on the fast food giant instead of the shiny fluorescent sheen of mutilated cow parts and ammonia bottles.

The article also claims that Burger King and Taco Bell are eliminating ammonia rinsed beef from their menu, too. So, what does this mean? For me, not much. I never was a huge fan of their burgers. When I crave a burger, I go find a big cheesy one from a local restaurant. I have been known to question the owner and even look at the packaging of the beef. And the same goes for my favorite local taco chain. I’m not the beef police, but I am trying to make changes where I can. I realize that fast food is just It’s there for those nights when parents are shuttling from practice to meeting to dinner and need something to eat quick. For all of us, McDonalds is making a great stand against a horrendous practice. Let me know if the beef tastes better!

And I wish I could same the same thing about the chicken nuggets in many fast food places…..

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eryka @ This is My Happily Ever After

Monday 30th of January 2012

Whoa! That's huge! Thank's for sharing! I followed Jamie Oliver's series when it aired last year and was a huge fan of his movement. I personally don't eat at Micky-D's either, but I'm glad that big names are finally acknowledging the unethical practices of ammonia in food.

Wow! How cool that one celebrity can make such a huge difference!


Monday 30th of January 2012

He's definitely made an impact on how I view fast food.