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It’s a Southern Thing

For many of us, we get it honest.

When the holiday issues of Southern Living and Martha Stewart arrive around the first day of November, we can hardly be blamed for getting a head start.

And have you been to a Hobby Lobby since July 1st?

What about the radio stations already playing Christmas songs the day after Halloween?

For many of us, we don’t use our need to decorate anything nailed down (including the mounted wildlife) as a way to shun Thanksgiving. We can be just as thankful and embrace the turkeys and enjoy pumpkin anything while wearing jingle sweaters and bells on our shoes (I’m looking at you, Momma).

And while I would love to say the driving reason is because we are just so excited about the holidays, the love for winter’s magic, the deep abiding reverence for the Sweet Baby Jesus, deep down we know the dirty truth.

Who wants to wait to put up all this holly jolly crap after Thanksgiving only to have to take it all down 3 weeks later??????

There you have it. The real truth behind early holiday decorating.

And now it’s my turn.


mantle1 mantleChristmas4 christmas5 christmas6 christmas7 christmas8 christmas10 christmas13 christmas14 frankiechristmas15  house7 house4 house5 house6  house9 house10 house11 house12 house13 house14 house15 

This took about 4 days. I’ve been very sick with flu>bronchitis>pneumonia so some days, I laid on the couch and Stephen fluffed trees and listened to my directions. A lot of this was done during the Alabama-Texas AM game when I refused to watch and listened and frantically decorated trying to keep the horror out of my mind. (We lost in case anyone doesn’t care). Some stuff is still in boxes. The outside will wait until a more acceptable time….maybe this weekend. I haven’t made Christmas cookies yet simply because I don’t know how to do them without gluten.

All kidding aside, there is some truth to the statement about the trouble to put it all up and only having 3  weeks to enjoy. I look forward to decorating for the holidays and I’m not ashamed to say it. I know it bothers some people so bad, they get rude with it. It makes me and my family happy and a little more cheerful to start the holiday traditions early, so why crush the joy? 🙂

Taming of the hair-Max Flow Sports
Butternut Squash with Lentils {gluten-free}

3 Thing Thursday

Sunday 17th of November 2013

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Miranda @ Biting Life

Friday 16th of November 2012

Wow!! Haha. That's a lot of decorations!! My family wasn't really into decorating for the holidays when I was growing up, so I'm really excited to start doing it as an adult. It will probably take a long time to build up to something like this, though! That's super impressive :)

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Tuesday 13th of November 2012

I love the shot of the room where Frankie is just sitting there... almost like a catalog shot, if Frankie weren't too cool to be a catalog model. ;)


Monday 12th of November 2012

I get some stuff up through-out November, but it's a tradition for me to get a Christmas tree for my birthday (dec. 8), and of course it never feels fully Christmas season until that happens. But I kind of like the anticipation that goes with it, and I never have to worry about my tree dying early. :)