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iPad blogging 

I’ve finally opened up my iPad and I have to say…without the nifty keyboard cover, I’m not sure I would like it. I’m so used to a laptop and I’m set in my ways. But this thing is not that bad. It’s great for teaching even if the only app I use is Splashtop which syncs with my laptop so I can control it through my ipad. With so many students this year and so many who are non English speaking, I need to be close to them and not behind a data cart. I can use the laptop to project my interactive whiteboard software and still control it from anywhere in the room with my iPad. That one blew my mind when I saw it at a conference this summer. 

And now I’m finding ways to use it for blogging. The app I’m using is Posts for ipad by Pico. It is a paid app and now I know why. It is by far the best blogging app I’ve used. Fully functional, can use multiple blogs, great user friendly interface, and a true blogging workhorse, not just a dainty face. 
So how was my Thursday? Not bad at all. I went to CrossFit. I only did 4 burpees for each round. My partner and I did 10 rounds each. It felt great to be back in the box working my tail off. Actually we were outside. We dragged out the rowers and burpee mats and worked and sweated while the sun rose. It was very calming and exhausting at the same time. 

The rest of the day was great! I managed to eat lunch today. And of course, counting down the hours until Friday is one highlight of Thursday. If I hear “don’t forget picture day” one more time, I’M going to run away. I know tomorrow is picture day. I’m still going to wear my jeans and Alabama shirt. I have no problems being in the yearbook with my team shirt on. None whatsoever 🙂

In other news, the porch is almost finished! Its been over a year since the tornadoes ripped the last one away from the house. All thats left to do is screen. Stephen did a great job on this. Furniture is ready and waiting to be dusted and decorated with something in houndstooth. Now that the weather is actually fall-like, we are ready to enjoy some late afternoon dinners out here. 

Time to charge my camera battery and cook dinner. I really want chips and ice cream. No idea why. 
Happy almost Friday!
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