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I’m baaaa-aaaack.

I have survived the first 2 weeks of teaching a new curriculum, new kids, new standards, new expectations, and writing a bunch of dumb stuff on a whiteboard for the kids who can’t read or speak English yet.

It’s been a ROUGH two weeks. This has been just as hard or harder than last year when I had a gazillion kids and more than half were ELL (English Language Learner). One would think after a few years of teaching that back-to-school would be easier. But not this year!

So whether I’m being punished, or whether it’s just routine to be so busy I can’t remember if I washed my hair or not, I’m over the hump and back to blogging. I have so much to share and a HUGE opportunity coming down the pike. I have managed to keep up with marathon training and I’ll detail that soon. Like..tonight!

Have a great Tuesday!!

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