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How to make a sandwich

First, you have to have the best ingredients. The humble sandwich gets a bad rap sometimes, but there are so many possibilities to this often overlooked creation.

Thanks to a trip to Whole Foods, I was all set.

Now, I’m not big on mayonnaise-ish stuff, so I rarely use it. These days, I’m relying on dijon or a little something I stumbled up in Jackson, MS.

Tzatziki-A greek yogurt based spread with herbs. Fabulous on a gyro, so I figured it must be good on the plain sandwich.


A thin layer with bits of cucumber.


Here is a detail that makes a ton of difference….ground pepper!


Now the inside stuff. Applegate Farms ham, white Wisconsin cheddar, baby spinach


And last..I love mine cut in the middle. I don’t know why, I just do. It’s easier to eat the middle since I don’t eat crusts on anything.


So, there it is. The perfect sandwich. The stuff inside can change, but the bread, pepper, and spread is what makes it stand out. The bread is a 12 grain, this particular one is by Nature’s Own.

Running-3 miles

P90x-chest and back

Another oatmeal twist
Great day for cooking and running and p90x-ing